This Is Important, You Should Watch It of the Day: Last month, Tea Party members gathered outside an ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America)-sponsored charity event held to raise money for women’s shelters and hunger relief, and hurled racist epithets and bewildering ethnocentric remarks at the American-Muslim families entering the Yorba Linda Community Center. Several members of congress even showed up to express their support for the protesters and their message.

CAIR-California caught the whole nasty mess on tape, and uploaded the footage to YouTube.

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald comments:

I think what was most striking about that video is that the presence of small children didn’t give these anti-Muslim protesters even momentary pause; they just continued screeching their ugly invective while staring at 4-year-olds walking with their parents.  People like that are so overflowing with hatred and resentments that the place where their humanity — their soul — is supposed to be has been drowned. 

[video: cajunboy.]

Absolutely RIDICULOUS AND DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!



foreheadtittaes l fujiidom | charethcutestory | sexgenderbody:

This is white privilege. Period.

In the clip, a white kid uses a variety of tools, including a metal saw and even an electric saw with goggles to try to cut through the chain on a bike. Most people walk by without caring; only one woman tries to follow up with the police. In the second part of the clip, an African-American kid about the same age does the same thing in the same park with the same bike, and is accosted by angry crowds, people taking out their cell phones to call 911, even a guy who starts taking his tools away while yelling. The contrast is striking.

Sad how true this is…